VenomVenom MonsterVenom ExtremeVenom Total Top
Price:4 100 € inc. VAT4 820 € inc. VAT5 275 € inc. VAT5 755 € inc. VAT
Frame:CyklonEbike VenomCyklonEbike VenomCyklonEbike VenomCyklonEbike Venom
Frame width:120mm120mm120mm120mm
Engine:MXUS 3K TurboQS Motor QS205QS Motor QS205QS Motor QS205 + hubsink
Battery:20s12p 72V 33Ah 20s12p 72V 40Ah or 20s12p 72V 31Ah 20s14p 72V 42Ah or 20s14p 72V 36Ah 21s14p 76V 42Ah
Controller: 45-60A 80-100A 150A 200A
BMS:100A BMS LCD Bluetooth150A BMS LCD Bluetooth300A BMS LCD Bluetooth300A BMS LCD Bluetooth
Wheels:24-26” DH bike tyres2.75x19" , 3.0x18" from motobike2.75x19" , 3.0x18" from motobike2.75x19" , 3.0x18" from motobike
Front suspension travel:120mm200mm200mm200mm
Rear suspension:220-240mm travel, air Spring compression, coil spring 450-850lbs220-240mm travel, air Spring compression, coil spring 450-850lbs220-240mm travel, air Spring compression, coil spring 450-850lbs220-240mm travel, air Spring compression, coil spring 450-850lbs
Brakes:Ebike Tektro or Magura MT4E (2 piston)Ebike Tektro Dorado or Magura MT5E (4 piston)Ebike Tektro Dorado (4 piston)Ebike Tektro Dorado (4 piston)
Rotors203mmfloating 203mmHOPE 203mm floatingHOPE 203mm floating
Rear light:LED + stopLED + stopLED + stopLED + stop
Front HUB:HUB 20mmHUB 20mmDual HUB 20mmDual HUB 20mm
Charger:Li-Ion 84V 5ALi-Ion 84V 5ALi-Ion 84V 9ALi-Ion 88V 9A
Max power:3780 - 5040 W6720 - 8400 W12 600 W17 600 W

CyklonEbike Venom – the first ebike from the CyklonEbike stable created for uncompromising fun.. Freeride frame geometry, created for fast ride on singletrack, stones and sharp turns. He’s not afraid of stairs, both down and up. It is a lightweight construction weighing 45-55kg (depending on the final configuration), which provides incredible load capacity and acceleration compared to larger and heavier electric vehicles from our offer. Each CyklonEbike Venom is manufactured directly in our company from zero to final e-bike

Features of the CyklonEbike Venom frame

  • 68° head angle
  • Freeride geometry
  • Frame with calculated strength of structural steel
  • The frame housing integrated with  controller housing with incredible resistance to side impact, made of aviation aluminum
  • Support standard: 68mm
  • Rear brake standard: IS 203 mm
  • Damper: 160-242 mm
  • Damper adjustment in 2 horizontal and 2 vertical settings
  • TIG welded
  • Fully bent on CNC presses
  • Weight: only 7 kg

Custom e-bike design:
Every customer, when ordering Venom E-bike has the option of choosing the color of the frame, frame cover, swingarm and accessories details.

In the price of the above configurations you can choose:

Colors of detail elements:

  • frame
  • frame cover
  • swingarm
  • logo on frame cover
  • spokes
  • pedals
  • chain
  • accents on grips and saddle (red, blue, black, gray)


  • battery (range / acceleration / maximum speed)
  • wheel sizes
  • optional equipment

We provide detailed information and advice at the stage of placing the order.

In each of our e-bikes it is possible to change the configuration to different equipment. On site, we have a wide range of controllers, brakes, cushioning, rims and tires. All our batteries are made on site at the company’s headquarters.

Optional equipment not included in the price of the above configurations:

  • Secret current switch 250W and 25km/h – 80 €
  • Immobilizer – 80 €
  • GPS – 120 €
  • Alarm (with pilot, horn and rear light) – 80 €
  • Horn – 20 €
  • Side stand (strong) – 80 €
  • 12V external power supply – 24 €

To guarantee unforgetable driving experience, air pressure in tires, bolts, brakes and spokes, should be checked before each journey. To ensure a long and trouble-free ride, all components should be serviced every year or at least every 60-90 driving hours. The maintenance should include front fork, damper and brakes with pads and rotors.

International shipping:

International shipping throughout EU and neighboring countries. Sorry, we do not ship to America and Australia (but we’re still looking for a carrier). All e-bikes are sent by insured and registered shipments with the tracking number (UPS, DPD, FedEx etc.)  Also we allow shipment via the customer’s side. Depending on the weight of the e-bike is sent in a cardboard box or in a wooden frame.

The average shipping cost in Europe:
  • Germany, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Austria, Hungary, Romania, Belarus, Ukraine – 350 €
  • United Kingdom, Ireland – 450 €
  • Norway, Sweden, Finland – 550 € – up to the height of the Arctic Circle, 650 € – for the Arctic Circle
  • Iceland – 800 €
  • Other European countries – 450 €

To Non-EU clients: International shipping cost not include customs taxes.


tel. +48 536 230 997 (English only)