ViperViper MonsterViper Monster+Viper ExtremeViper Total Top RangeViper Total Top Speed
Price::2 400 € inc. VAT3 050 € inc. VAT3 320 € inc. VAT3 750 € inc. VATmin. 4316 € inc. VATmin. 4316 € inc. VAT
Frame width:120mm120mm120mm120mm120mm120mm
Motor:Nine Continent 9C or QS35HMXUS 3K TurboMXUS 3K TurboMXUS 3K Turbo +tuning +ferro +hubsinkMXUS 3K Turbo +tuning +ferro +hubsinkMXUS 3K Turbo +tuning +ferro +hubsink
Battery:13s10p 48V 29Ah 16s8p 60V 24Ah 16s10p 60V 30Ah 16s10p 60V 30Ah or
20s8p 72V 24Ah
16s10p 60V 30Ah20s8p 72V 24Ah
Controller: 35A
sinus + LCD
sinus + LCD
sinus + LCD
(max 150A)
(max 160A)
Additional on-board systemNONONOwith extra feeYES (also with secret current switch)YES (also with secret current switch)
Wheels:24-26” bike tyres24-26” DH bike tyres24-26” DH bike tyres24-26” DH bike tyres24-26” DH bike tyres24-26” DH bike tyres
Front suspension travel:160mm/180mm200mm200mm200mm200mm200mm
Rear suspension:220-240mm travel, coil spring 450-750lbs220-240mm travel, coil spring 450-750lbs220-240mm travel, coil spring 450-750lbs220-240mm travel, coil spring 450-750lbs220-240mm travel, coil spring 450-750lbs220-240mm travel, coil spring 450-750lbs
Brakes:2 pistonEbike Tektro Dorado or Magura MT5E (4 piston)Ebike Tektro Dorado or Magura MT5E (4 piston)Ebike Tektro Dorado or Magura MT5E (4 piston)Ebike Tektro Dorado or Magura MT5E (4 piston)Ebike Tektro Dorado or Magura MT5E (4 piston)
Rotors:203mm203mm203mm203mm floating203mm floating203mm floating
PAS:On requestOn requestOn requestOn requestOn requestOn request
Rear light: NOLEDLEDLED (with stop light)LED (with stop light)LED (with stop light)
Front HUB::QR 15mmhub 20mmhub 20mmDual hub 20mmDual hub 20mmDual hub 20mm
Charger:Li-Ion 58.7V 4ALi-ion 67.2V 3.5A Li-ion 67.2V 3.5A Li-ion 67.2V 8ALi-ion 67.2V 8ALi-ion 83.8V 8A
Range:40-80km60-100km80-130km50-100kmmin. 60-120kmmin.50-100km
Max power:1 900 W3 024 W3 024 W4 032 - 5 040 Wmin. 6 000 W
(max 10 000 W)
min. 7 600 W
(max 13 500 W)

Available other configurations with other phase and others parts

Viper frame – is the only frame of this type available on the European market that holds up to 160pcs of 18650 cells. It differs from the classic Vector / Ekross / Ellek frame by its significantly higher quality, battery capacity (max 160 in relation to 104), reinforced frame construction, and additional controller housing ensuring its insulation along with space for additional systems.

Each Viper frame is produced exclusively for the CyklonEbike, which we are able to grant you the exclusive right to the ride on the best e-bike of this type on the market.

The Viper, Viper Monster and Viper Monster + versions have the option of installing the PAS system (pedal assist).

We definitely do not recommend the PAS system in the Extreme and Total Top versions due to their enormous power and rapid acceleration from 0km/h.

For all configurations it is possible to use regeneration (power recovery). We enable it for our clients on request.

Additional equipment not included in the price of the above configurations:

  • Secret current switch 250W and 25km/h (included in Total Top version) – 80 €
  • Immobilizer – 80 €
  • GPS – 120 €
  • Alarm (with pilot, horn and rear light) – 80 €
  • Horn – 20 €
  • Side stand (strong) – 80 €
  • 12V external power supply – 24 €

Custom e-bike design:
Every customer, when ordering Viper E-bike has the option of choosing the color of the battery housing and accessories. All frames as standard are only available in semi-matt black. In addition to the sample configuration, you have the option of painting the frame in RAL colors.

In the price of the above configurations (without basic version – Viper) you can choose:

Colors of detail elements, i.e.

  • battery cover in frame
  • spokes
  • pedals
  • chain
  • accents on grips and saddle (red, blue, black, gray)

Equipment, i.e.

  • battery (range / acceleration / maximum speed)
  • brake model (Tektro / Magura)
  • wheel size
  • tire type
  • optional additional equipment

We provide detailed information and advice at the stage of placing the order. In each of our e-bikes it is possible to change the configuration to different equipment. On stock, we have a wide range of controllers, brakes, suspension types (Fox, Rockshox, DNM, Magura, Ohlins), rims and tires. All our batteries are made in the company headquarter in Zabki, Poland.

To guarantee unforgetable driving experience, air pressure in tires, bolts, brakes and spokes, should be checked before each journey. To ensure a long and trouble-free ride, all components should be serviced every year or at least every 60-90 driving hours. The maintenance should include front fork, damper and brakes with pads and rotors.

International shipping:

International shipping throughout EU and neighboring countries. Sorry, we do not ship to America and Australia (but we’re still looking for a carrier). All e-bikes are sent by insured and registered shipments with the tracking number (UPS, DPD, FedEx etc.)  Also we allow shipment via the customer’s side. Depending on the weight of the e-bike is sent in a cardboard box or in a wooden frame.

The average shipping cost in Europe:
  • Germany, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Austria, Hungary, Romania, Belarus, Ukraine – 350 €
  • United Kingdom, Ireland – 450 €
  • Norway, Sweden, Finland – 550 € – up to the height of the Arctic Circle, 650 € – for the Arctic Circle
  • Iceland – 800 €
  • Other European countries – 450 €

To Non-EU clients: International shipping cost not include customs taxes.


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